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NCH is dedicated to improving our programs and capabilities so that we may continue to spread the word on homeopathy, provide a foundation for the homeopathic community, and support the advancement of overall health through homeopathy. Your support is critical to our success in achieving our mission. Check out the many ways that you can become involved with NCH and the homeopathic community!

There are many ways to get involved with NCH and the homeopathic community. Explore how you can make a difference by lending your time and skills through the opportunities below.

NCH Board of Directors

NCH is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, which traditionally maintained a balance of consumers, healthcare professionals, and industry representatives. The term of directorship is 3 years. Learn more.

NCH Committees

The NCH Board of Directors is supported by a variety of committees. Committees are responsible for helping to direct and implement the strategic direction of the organization, set forth by the Board of Directors. NCH is currently seeking additional members for several of its committees. Learn more.

Project Opportunities

NCH has a variety of ongoing projects that allow you to engage throughout the year as your schedule permits. Customize your volunteer experience based on your interests and schedule. Learn more.

Apply to Volunteer – If any of these volunteer opportunities sound interesting to you, please complete the NCH Volunteer Application Form after clicking on the button below. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Potential volunteers will be contacted as needs arise, based on matching interests and expertise. Thank you for your interest!

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NCH relies on volunteers to meet the goals of our mission: education, advocacy and community. Please join us if you have skills that can help us achieve our goals.  We will be accepting new volunteers in 2021.

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