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Free Homeopathy Library & Homeopathy 4 Everyone

Dr. Manish Bhatia, CEO of Hpathy Medical Pvt Ltd, which publishes the journal Homeopathy 4 Everyone,  has donated the largest free digitial collection in the world with over 200 books and 450 journals and growing to the homeopathic community and they would like everyone to take advantage of it.


Visit to immerse yourself in the rich world of homeopathy books and journals - old and new, classified as per subjects, online for free! is the world's leading homeopathy website and is ranked among the top alternative medicine resources globally. It is a community portal developed by professional qualified medical doctors and homeopaths from all over the world. It is also a rich resource for patients looking for information related to diseases, their homeopathic cure or treatment.

  • 25,000+ articles
  • 1,600+ expert authors
  • 50,000+ members
  • 65,000+ journal subscribers
  • 20,000+ course students,
  • hundred of online books & journals!