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Consumers Very Happy with OTC Homeopathic Medicines - NCH Survey Results

July 29, 2015
As you may know, NCH conducted a survey of consumers of homeopathic products in June 2015 to gather data about consumer attitudes about and experiences with OTC homeopathic medicines.
Nearly 20,000 consumers completed the survey - and confirmed the anecdotal testimonials we've received from the homeopathic community over the past 40 years. Here are some of the results highlights:
  • +90% of respondents indicated they were overall extremely satisfied or very satisfied with the results of OTC homeopathic medicines that they had used.
  • +90% of respondents reported that they were very likely to purchase OTC homeopathic medicines again in the future.
  • +85% of respondents indicated that they were very likely to recommend homeopathic medicines to others.
In addition, these results support our experience that consumers are able to make informed decisions about purchasing and using homeopathic products. They want the opportunity to make informed decisions about health care that suit their lifestyles and health needs. The accessibility of homeopathic remedies over the counter is a major factor in this level of satisfaction.
NCH submitted the results of this survey to the FDA in written comment on behalf of the homeopathic community.
So, THANK YOU to everyone who completed this survey. Your participation made this effort a success and helped us provide strong data about consumer experiences with OTC homeopathic medicines to the FDA.