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New issue of Homeopathy Today

The Summer 2017 issue of Homeopathy Today is here! Not a member of NCH? Join today so you can access these stories and more in the latest edition:

  • Easing Political Stress: How homeopathy can help
  • Peace of Mind Restored: Intrusive, obsessive thoughts troubled him for 40 years; one remedy relieved him
  • A Labor of Love: How homeopathy helped me have the natural birth I have always wanted
  • Easing the Way for Mom and Baby: Remedies for Labor and Delivery
  • How We Work: Meet Karen Allen—Inspiring Colleagues, Empowering Clients
  • Homeopaths Without Borders, North America: Treating, Teaching, and Partnering for 21 Years
  • Medical Emergency at 30,000 Feet: Homeopathy saves a collapsed man in crisis
  • Summer in the City: Breathe easy, but beware of airborne pollutants
  • Summer Safety and Cool Canines
  • Looking Ahead, Staying Ahead:  JAHC 2018 April 6-8 in Phoenix, Arizona

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Scheduled for surgery? Homeopathy can help​
By Timothy R. Dooley, MD, ND

Sometimes people need surgery, and there is no alternative. In such situations, the approach in homeopathy is to use remedies to help the person deal with the trauma, shock, and stress of the experience. Sometimes a remedy specific to that patient's response to the surgery is needed; other times, more "generic" remedies are routinely used. Here are a few of the common remedies and some of their indications.

  • Arnica montana - The main thing to remember is that surgery is a controlled injury to the body. The most well-known homeopathic remedy for injuries is Arnica montana. There are other remedies that might be indicated for injuries, but Arnica will usually suffice. Arnica can help the body deal with pain, help the body resolve bruising, and facilitate faster healing.
  • Staphysagria - This remedy is indicated for lacerated tissues (as occurs in surgery), especially if the tissues are sensitive to the slightest touch. Patients who respond to this remedy are often overly sensitive emotionally, peevish, or irritable. This remedy is also indicated for a lacerated or over-stretched sphincter.
  • Hypericum - This remedy is homeopathically prepared St. Johns wort. It is indicated homeopathically for injuries to nerves and nerve-rich tissues. Nerve-rich tissues include the lips, fingers, rectum, and genitals; hence, it is well indicated for any surgery to these areas. Remember it anytime there is excessive painfulness in any location after surgery or where there are shooting pains.  It is also indicated in puncture wounds, so it should be considered after some fiber-optic surgeries or injections.
  • Ledum palustre - Ledum is an often overlooked remedy after trauma. It is the leading remedy for puncture wounds, especially if the injured parts are cold. Anytime an injured part is cold, consider this remedy. In such situations it will relieve pain, reduce bruising, and encourage healing.
  • Phosphorus - Phosphorus is indicated in many cases of reactions to anesthetics, especially if vomiting is a problem. This is true with older anesthetics such as ether and chloroform, but can also apply to more modern anesthetics. A thirst for cold drinks, a desire for company, and a sense of fearfulness often accompany many complaints.

There are many other possible remedies for symptoms that occur after surgery. The remedy depends on the individual patient and his/her individual response to the overall trauma of the surgical process. For best results, always take the case of the patient, paying close attention to the unique symptoms.

Excerpt from Homeopathy Today, February 2002, "Scheduled for surgery? Homeopathy can help." Read the full article here.

Homeopathic Manufacturers Explore Next-generation Quality Control

Member companies of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) gathered in March to learn about promising new technologies recently used by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to analyze homeopathic products. Developments in this area could lead to industry-wide manufacturing advancements as well as improvements to the homeopathic drugs that help consumers every day.

Mark Land, president of AAHP, opened the discussion at the association’s March 9 biannual meeting in Anaheim, California. In a broad overview, Land stated that while most instruments currently used to assess homeopathic medicines can resolve to less than one part per million, new technologies can resolve to parts per billion. Since homeopathic drug products go through a process of serial dilution to achieve certain potencies, these hypersensitive technologies may allow manufacturers to get a deeper look into the makeup of their products than was ever before possible. Continue Reading.

Provided by The American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists


THE ORGANON by Samuel Hahnemann – An Outline
Provided in tribute to Julian Winston, May 1941–June 2005, beloved Editor-In-Chief of Homeopathy Today for 21 years.

It is often said that studying The Organon is fundamental for any successful homeopath. In this series, we glean some "Winston wisdom" by revisiting Julian’s outline of this masterpiece.

245–250 How to use the remedies

  1. We will now talk about how to use remedies and the diet and regimen during their use.
  2. The best selected remedies should be repeated at suitable intervals. Don't repeat as long as there is amelioration (in acute disease). In chronic disease this may also be the case at times. But this is rare. If the medicine is well selected, highly potentized, dissolved in water, and given properly (that the degree of each dose is changed), a cure will result.
  3. Smallest doses may be repeated. The remedy must be changed in potency each time it is given.
  4. The dose may be repeated until action is exhausted. [Here, Hahnemann gives instructions for changing the potency each time.] Even a one dram vial of alcohol with one globule that is used for olfaction must be succussed 8-10 times before each dose.
  5. If new and troublesome symptoms are produced by the remedy, it is not homoeopathic and should be neutralized and/or the next remedy be given immediately to take the place of the improperly selected one.
  6. When you see the wrong remedy is given, find and give the right one!

Note: The above is only an outline. To comprehend The Organon in its fullness, we recommend that you read the book.
The Organon is usually studied by the intermediate to advanced student of homeopathy.


On June 2, NCH Board Member Loretta Butehorn, PhD, CCH, shared her program “Using Homeopathy to Prevent Relapse into Opioid Use in Early Recovery” with a group of approximately 50 substance abuse counselors at Westfield State University in Westfield, Massachusetts. NCH President Abby Beale, CCH, was also in attendance and introduced Loretta to the audience. The program was very well delivered and well received! Many attendees came up afterwards asking great questions and wanting to learn more. Thank you, Loretta, for sharing the power of homeopathy!

Homeopathic Research Institute (HRI): Busting Myths with Facts

Myth #3: Scientists say homeopathy is impossible

Not all scientists believe homeopathy is impossible. Prof. Luc Montagnier, who won a Nobel prize in 2008 for his role in discovering HIV, says homeopaths are right to use these high dilutions.

In an interview for Science magazine, when asked, “Do you think there’s something to homeopathy…?” he replied, “…What I can say now is that the high dilutions are right. High dilutions of something are not nothing. They are water structures which mimic the original molecules.”1

Science is a constantly evolving field, and what the scientific establishment declares to be “impossible” in one era is often proved to be “fact” in another.

To take just one famous example of medical U-turns, in 1982, when Dr. Barry Marshall and Dr. Robin Warren first put forward their theory that bacterial infection was an underlying cause of stomach ulcers, their idea was ridiculed.2 
Scientists said it was impossible for bacteria to survive the acidic environment in the stomach, let alone thrive there, but years later Marshall and Warren were vindicated when it was finally accepted that they were right – Helicobacter pylori infection is indeed the most common cause of stomach ulcers. Keep reading.

In 2005, Marshall and Warren were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology. In the Nobel citation, the doctors were praised for their “tenacity and willingness to challenge prevailing dogmas.”

While scientists continue to investigate how homeopathic medicines have a biological effect, perhaps we should be more cautious about using the word “impossible” when it comes to medical science.

Provided by the Homeopathic Research Institute (HRI)

Food Allergies, Intolerances, and Sensitivities: Find a better way with Homeopathy
July 17, 2017, 8:00pm–9:00pm ET

Food allergies and sensitivities are a modern epidemic. The usual medical approach seems to consist of eliminating the offending food(s), using digestive aids, and carrying around an epi-pen for emergencies. Is there a better way? Could food allergies completely resolve and disappear? Join Jhuma Biswas to find out how homeopathy can solve the puzzle and learn about some remedies for therapeutic use in acute situations.

About the speaker: Jhuma Biswas, CCH, is a classically trained and certified homeopathic consultant and educator with a private practice in Needham, Massachusetts. A former chapter leader of the Holistic Moms Network, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, she is dedicated to supporting families and individuals interested in sustainable and healthful living.




Your 5-year-old, Cole, has a cough that just won’t go away. Lately he sounds much worse, with the cough coming in spasmodic attacks. His older sister teased him, saying he sounded like one of the seals they recently saw at the zoo. She’s right--his cough does sound like a seal bark! But this croupy cough is no laughing matter because it’s leaving him hacking and unable to catch his breath. Cole’s cough gets much worse when he’s out in the dry cold air, after he plays really hard physically, and when having a cold drink. It improves with humidity—he hardly coughed at all when you sat with him on the bathroom floor playing Go Fish with the hot shower running. Cole’s cough also seems much better after warm foods and drinks. Which homeopathic remedy should you try first?

(The answer is at the bottom of the newsletter.)

If you have a “Case Quiz” to share, send it to us at We love to feature cases submitted by our community members!

Stories of Inspiration

It was summertime and I was on a road trip with my family, traveling to the woodsy country in Wisconsin. Several hours into the trip it was my turn to drive, but I was absolutely famished, so as we pulled in to get gas and switch drivers, I ran into the fast food place next door and grabbed a fish sandwich. A little while after eating, my stomach started to feel a bit queer—kind of achy—and I began to burp a bit. Several hours later, we pulled into a truck stop for a sit-down meal. About an hour after eating, my stomach was feeling pretty bad. I felt very bloated and a bit nauseated, with still more burps, but little burps that felt rather stuck. I tried drinking a lot from my water bottle and took a Lycopodium pellet from my homeopathic travel kit, which I always carry. The Lycopodium seemed to help a bit. Then, about 90 minutes away from our final destination, a searing, twisting, terrible pain hit me in my back, under my right shoulder blade. It traveled toward the left horizontally, and then I felt it even in the front of my throat. We were in the middle of nowhere, and I seemed to be having a very bad gallbladder attack! I opened my homeopathic travel kit again and took Chelidonium. It is often considered as a liver remedy, used for pains originating beneath the right scapula (right-side conditions, with symptoms often accompanied by belching and indigestion).

After some large burps, I started to feel relief from the pain, but a few minutes later the paroxysm of pain began again. I had a few inches of water left in my bottle so I put a couple of pellets of Chelidonium into the bottle and shook the bottle vigorously and held a sip in my mouth. This brought some relief again. I had to do this two more times, as I had two more bouts of the pain, which, fortunately, were considerably less intense than the original pain. After the third sip, the pain had completely stopped. It was amazing! I’m now on a liver cleansing diet and am being ever vigilant food-wise (no more fast food and truck stops!). I have not had a recurrence since, but I still always check my kit for Chelidonium before going on a trip.

- Lynn Rosenkranz-Saviskas, Walnut Creek, CA

We LOVE to hear how our members are using homeopathy at home and we hope you will share 'Your Homeopathy Story' with us! Everyone’s story is different and we want to know how you use homeopathy in your life! Learn how to share one of your stories with NCH.


Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA)

ACHENA welcomes new leadership: Alastair Gray, president; Anna Vakil, vice president; and Bharti Gupta, treasurer. We are deeply grateful to Rick Controneo, our previous president, as he steps down after dedicating six productive years to ACHENA. Rick will continue to support ACHENA through an advisory role. We also say goodbye to commissioner Maria Bohle, who reached her maximum term of six years. We are very grateful to Maria for all her contributions and dedication.

ACHENA is pleased to inform the homeopathic community and the general public of its accreditation decisions. ACHENA is an independent, non-profit, specialized accrediting agency whose mission is to promote excellence in the education of professional homeopaths. In January 2018, the Council for Homeopathic Certification will require all homeopathic students who wish to sit for the CHC certification exam (and receive the CCH credential) to have graduated from a school that is ACHENA-accredited or is a candidate for accreditation.

The following schools are accredited and in good standing:

  1. American Medical College of Homeopathy at PIHMA
  2. Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine
  3. Homeopathy School International
  4. Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy

The following schools have met ACHENA Eligibility and Curriculum Review Standards and are now considered candidates for accreditation.

  1. Academy of Homeopathy Education
  2. British Institute of Homeopathy
  3. School of Homeopathy

For information about ACHENA, our accreditation standards, general information about school accreditation, and updated information regarding the status of schools applying for accreditation, please visit our website. We invite all community engagement and comment and look forward to working together as a community in our mutual goal of raising the standards of homeopathy education provision throughout North America.

ACHENA is responsible for approving Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs to meet the needs of the professional homeopath. We are always accepting new applications for programs that help the professional homeopath in the challenges of daily practice, as well as to fine-tune skills and provide exposure to new ideas in the field. The purpose of continuing education for the practicing homeopath is to learn more about the theory and methods of homeopathy beyond the fundamental curriculum typically covered in homeopathy schools; in other words, advanced education. For more information about our currently approved CPD programs and how to apply, click here.


American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH)

The next AIH webinar will feature Eric Foxman, R.Ph., senior scientist of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Convention of the United States and the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists. Mr. Foxman will speak on Thursday, September 7, at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. For more information, click here.

The AIH has been the voice of the homeopathic medical profession in the U.S. since 1844.

Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC)

Do you know a client or consumer of homeopathy (or other alternative discipline) that has a general understanding of how alternative modalities fit into personal healthcare? If so, consider submitting an individual for a Public Director position on the CHC Board of Directors. Nominated individuals, if elected to the CHC Board, would represent consumers of homeopathic services provided by the CHC certificant population.

Public Directors:

  • Serve as full voting members with all rights and privileges, including holding office and serving on committees
  • Offer unique value by enhancing the boards’ credibility with the public
  • Make the board more accountable to the public
  • Bring a different perspective and new ideas to the board’s deliberations and its priorities

This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about the CHC’s mission and who may have a track record of board membership. Ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

  • Experience in working on boards/committees and know how to work in a collaborative environment
  • A commitment to and understanding of CHC’s mission and vision
  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for improving the health of public consumers of homeopathy

Service on CHC’s Board of Directors is without remuneration, except for travel and accommodation costs in relation to Board Members’ duties.  Time commitment is four meetings per year via teleconference and a 3- year term. To nominate an individual for a Public Board Member position, please contact or call 866-242-3399 for further information.

Homeopathic Nurses Association (HNA)

Practical Homeopathy for Nurses: A Webinar Series is intended for the nurse who is interested in expanding or continuing his/her homeopathic knowledge.

Learn how this safe, gentle, evidenced-based-medicine works with the body’s immune system at an energetic level to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities. Topics include: History and Meaning, Core Concepts and Philosophy, First-Aid Use of Remedies, and Colds and Flu. These modules have been developed by some of today's best practitioners, including nurses and physicians, and are collaboratively presented by the Homeopathic Nurses Association (HNA) and the National Center for Homeopathy. Learn more here.

The Homeopathic Nurses Association is dedicated to supporting all nurses who are interested in homeopathy. Visit the HNA website at

Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB)

HWB's Fundamentals of Homeopathy course has gotten underway in Haiti!  The students, all of whom are conventional medical professionals, are responding enthusiastically with thoughtful questions and a quick grasp of homeopathic concepts.  In addition to lectures and discussions, a community clinic was convened to provide practice-based learning and give students a change to observe a variety of cases, one of which turned out to be a stellar homeopathic "aha moment" that really opened eyes.  Clinical Director Lauren Fox summed it up perfectly by saying, "We were thrilled with the students' level of engagement and so grateful to be able to have this wondrous experience."  The students themselves are simply saying, “Thank you!”
Good things are happening, and we invite you to take a moment to visit our Volunteer page and learn how you can support this wonderful work here.

HWB’s mission is to introduce or advance the understanding and use of homeopathy in areas where it does not yet exist or is minimally available, as well as to promote and provide homeopathic care and healing in emergency situations.

Joining NCH as a member is a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of homeopathy and become an actively supporting part of the community. NCH members receive our highly acclaimed magazine, Homeopathy Today, and other valuable benefits. But more than that, your membership dues help us fulfill our mission to promote health through homeopathy, provide education about homeopathy to both practitioners and the general public, and raise awareness about homeopathy. Learn more here.

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Scheduled for surgery? Homeopathy can help.

Homeopathic Manufacturers Explore Next-generation Quality Control

Webinar Food Allergies, Intolerances, and Sensitivities: Find a better way with Homeopathy

HRI: Busting Myths with Facts Reference 1

​HRI: Busting Myths with Facts Reference 2

American Medical College of Homeopathy at PIHMA

Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy School International

Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy

Academy of Homeopathy Education

British Institute of Homeopathy

School of Homeopathy

ACHENA Home Page

AIH Webinar with Eric Foxman

Practical Homeopathy for Nurses: A Webinar Series

Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB) - Volunteer

Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB) - Support our work



HRI: Busting Myths with Facts References:

  1. Enserink, M. “French Nobelist Escapes ‘Intellectual Terror’ to Pursue Radical Ideas in China.’ Science, 2010; 330(6012): 1732 | Sciencemag
  2. Pincock, S. Nobel Prize winners Robin Warren and Barry Marshall. Lancet, 2005; 366(9495):1429

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