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2,000+ Surveys & 30+ Interviews = Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Community Outreach Project that NCH conducted last year to identify the current and future needs of the homeopathic community. All in all, we conducted interviews with 10+ key stakeholders, 20+ community members, and 2,000+ people completed our online survey.   Visit the NCH website to learn more about the results of this project.

Every Day. Every Dollar.

Every day people are visiting the NCH website’s Getting Started with Homeopathy page to learn how to start integrating homeopathy into their lives. It’s just one of the ways that we work to fulfill our mission to raise awareness about and improve health through homeopathy. And it’s the support of people like you that enables us to provide these popular educational resources to newcomers. Every dollar counts towards our work to make homeopathy a household word. Please give generously to NCH today.


NCH Announcements

BOD Election

The voting process for the 2017–2018 NCH Board of Directors is underway. We encourage all current NCH members to exercise their right by voting online. All online votes must be cast no later than 11:59 PM EST on February 23, 2017. Current members in good standing should check their email history for the voting link which was released on February 1–the subject line of the message is “Vote for the 2017–2018 NCH Board of Directors”. If your membership is current, but you can’t locate the voting link in your email history please send your request for the online ballot to

Rock-bottom Rate for JAHC Registration Still Available

The rock-bottom registration rate to attend the 2017 Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) is still available! But hurry, because the deadline to receive the Early Bird rate is just around the corner. To take advantage of this amazing discount and to maximize the return on your investment, register online by February 16, 2017 (11:59PM ET). The line-up for this year’s March 31–April 2 event, Connecting Minds, Creating Community, Inspiring Practice, in Atlanta, Georgia, is one you will definitely want to see!

Reminder! Homeopathy Today in Bulk

2017 bulk subscriptions of Homeopathy Today magazine are still available. This is your opportunity to give the gift of knowledge and inspiration by sharing the magazine with others—your friends, family, patients, practitioners, and clients. The more you order, the more you save—purchase as few as 10 additional copies of each issue or as many as 25 to give to the people in your life that will benefit from learning more about homeopathy. This offer will be available for a limited time only, so take this opportunity now to get a few extra copies of each issue—while they last!  Order today.


The Best Homeopathic Networking Event in the US

Attendees at the 2016 Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) declared it “the best homeopathic networking event in the US”—so this year we’ve incorporated even more opportunities to connect with your fellow attendees. Trust us—the 2017 JAHC promises to be an event that you won’t want to miss.

Overwhelmingly, our homeopath, future homeopath, and homeopathy enthusiast attendees tell us that besides the stellar educational offerings, the opportunity to connect, network, and meet homeopaths from across the country and around the globe is what keeps them coming back to the Joint American Homeopathic Conference year after year.

With more than 300 homeopathic professionals, students, and life-time learners in attendance, a walk around the Exhibit Hall or a chat in the hallway between sessions may result in a valuable business connection, a mentor, or even a lifelong friend. We see it every year.

And this year we’re adding even more opportunities to connect meaningfully with fellow attendees through a series of informal “Newcomer Meet & Greets” where we’ll:

  • Share tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your conference experience
  • Provide a dedicated venue for interested newcomers to connect with each other
  • Allow newcomers to interact with NCH board members and speakers

And you don’t have to be a first-time attendee to join in—anyone registered is welcome to come by and connect with an ambassador.

Chances are you’ll be leaving the conference not only loaded up with new knowledge and skills, but powerful, newfound connections to bolster your business, your sense of homeopathic community, and your spirit as well. Learn more about this exciting event and register online here.



Friday at the JAHC in Atlanta

We are thrilled to host these presenters on Friday, March 31 at the JAHC in Atlanta, Georgia:

presenting: We Are All Vitalists

A lecture exploring the modern scientific underpinning of Hahnemann's "Vital Force."  This concept up until now has been discussed in pre-scientific romantic terms and, as such, has been dismissed by the contemporary scientific community. Understanding this concept correctly has the potential of both unifying homeopaths, and explaining scientifically homeopathy's unique contribution to health care.

Divya Chhabra, MD
presenting: Leap to Simillimum Parts I & II

The Homeopath's eternal quest is for the perfect Simillimum. Hahnemann described the 'Totality of Symptoms' as the State. As we begin to go deeper into our cases, because of the limits and deficiencies of repertories and Provings, the prescriptive totality moves from a repertorial totality, to mental state, to Delusional state, and finally to the State in the Unconscious.

 Jamie Oskin, ND & Eric Udell ND, MEd presenting: How to Study Hahnemann's Materia Medica and the Old School Toxicological Sources Parts I & II

This talk will be an introduction to Hahnemann’s Materia Medica. The objective is for attendees to walk away less intimidated by the Materia Medica Pura and The Chronic Diseases, more familiar with how these works were constructed and, therefore, better equipped to utilize them to maximal advantage in practice. We will examine the structure of these works, how to utilize the introductions, author citations, time stamps, symptom grading, and footnotes, and we will take a look at some of the Old School sources Hahnemann recruited into his Materia Medica and how these inform our understanding of substance effects.

And after a day of intellectual growth, kick off the 2017 JAHC in style with drinks and hors d’oeuvres in the Exhibit Hall Marketplace. Network and reconnect with friends, visit exhibitors and sponsors at their booths, and get excited about the weekend ahead. Register today!

Who Regulates Your Product Labels?

Does the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulate homeopathic product labels? Or does the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)? Is it both? While most members of the homeopathic industry have long understood that the FDA is responsible for over-the-counter (OTC) drug labels and labeling and the FTC is responsible for OTC drug advertising, the November 2016 release of the FTC’s guidance on homeopathic drug marketing claims has muddied the water. The historic division of labor between the FDA and the FTC is, in fact, largely a result of inter-agency agreements rather than black letter law. Continue reading.

Article originally published by the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists

Meet the NCH Board of Directors
Each month we highlight a Board Member to help you get better acquainted with the faces of NCH.

Jonci Jensen, ND, has dedicated her life to working towards a more naturally healthy future for all Americans. She believes that access to reliable and quality healthcare of one's preference is a civil liberty and each of us should be empowered towards health.

Dr. Jensen was fortunate to study the art and science of homeopathy at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine during her naturopathic doctorate program as well as through the college’s Standard Homeopathics Residency, one of the country’s only accredited post-doctoral residencies in homeopathy. As a former professor of medical philosophy and homeopathy at Bastyr University’s San Diego, California campus, she fell in love with reading classical philosophers and studying the nature of healing.

An undergraduate degree in BioPsychology and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Michigan primed her approach to homeopathy and subsequently gave birth to one of her favorite lectures that she titled “Practicing the Art of Homeopathy Using the Scientific Method.” This approach also provides the basis for her small private practice in Southern California where she provides homeopathic and naturopathic care to those suffering from auto-immune and stress-related disorders.

With palpable passion for homeopathy, Dr. Jensen also integrates prior experiences as a business process and technology integration consultant to serve on the board of NCH with strategic intent to increase access to quality homeopathic care. In her spare time you will find her on the beach, in her garden, or in the kitchen cooking delicious plant-based foods.



THE ORGANON by Samuel Hahnemann – An Outline
Provided in tribute to Julian Winston, May 1941–June 2005, beloved Editor-In-Chief of Homeopathy Today for 21 years.

It is often said that studying The Organon is fundamental for any successful homeopath. In this series we glean some Winston Wisdom by revisiting Julian’s outline of this masterpiece.

210–220 mental diseases

  1. All one-sided diseases are psoric. Mental diseases are not a separate class, since in all diseases the mind is altered.

  2. The disposition of the patient often determines the selection of the remedy—because they are often characteristic symptoms, which "can least of all remain concealed from the accurately observing physician."

  3. The Creator of healing forces also thinks highly of this, as all medicines (which he created) affect the mind.

  4. We can't cure diseases if we do not observe the disposition and the state of mind.

  5. Mental diseases are to be cured the same way as all other diseases.

  6. All mental diseases are physical ones, where the physical symptoms are so slight as to make the disease seem to be one-sided.

  7. Many physical ailments of an acute character, transform into insanity whereupon the physical symptoms cease.

  8. In such cases we must look to the whole phenomenon—the physical and mental.

  9. The symptoms include previous physical symptoms—which may be learned from friends or relations.

  10. Those symptoms will be found to be still present, though obscured.

  11. The complete picture of the disease can then be prescribed upon—usually prescribing an anti-psoric remedy.

Note: The above is only an outline. To comprehend The Organon in its fullness, we recommend that you read the book.
The Organon is usually studied by the intermediate to advanced student of homeopathy.


Two Homeopaths to Speak at Renowned Integrated Medicine Conference

The Integrative Healthcare Symposium (IHS) brings together practitioners from all facets of traditional and non-traditional medicine. This year, the impressive speaker line-up includes two homeopaths: Dr. Ronald Whitmont, MD [Homeopathy and The Human Microbiome: The Key to Lyme and Other Chronic Inflammatory Diseases], and Burke (Begabati) Lennihan, RN, CCH [Faster, Safer, Cheaper, How Homeopathy Can Benefit Your Practice]. The IHS will take place February 23–25, 2017 in New York City. For more information, visit the conference website.  Enter promotional code NCH and save 15%!

Homeopathy Reduces Severity of Dermatitis & Asthma

The results of a long-term observational study in a homeopathic clinic in Lucca, Italy demonstrate positive short- and long-term clinical benefits of homeopathy in children suffering from atopic diseases. In particular, homeopathic treatment appears to reduce the severity of atopic dermatitis and asthma and increases the likelihood of their complete resolution in the long-term.  View the full report.

Homeopathic Medicines Slow Growth of MRSA, in vitro

Resistance to antibiotics is a major public health concern worldwide. New treatment options are needed and homeopathy is one such option. One study sought to assess the effect of the homeopathic medicine Belladonna and a nosode prepared from a multi-drug resistant bacterial species, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), on the same bacterium.  Read the study.

Homeopathy Tackling Resistance to Antibiotics & More

Dr. Peter Fisher, director of research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, UK, and physician to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, describes the potential role of homeopathy in tackling multiple morbidities (co-occurring diseases), polypharmacy (simultaneous use of multiple drugs to treat a single ailment) and resistance to antibiotics.  Watch the video.

HRI Educational Grants Awarded

Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) has announced that, with the generous support of the Manchester Homeopathy Clinic, they were able to award four #HRIMalta2017 educational grants. Congratulations to the recipients Jacqueline Smith, Alison Fixsen, Zofia Dymitr ,and Dr. Marija Kovandzic.


Natural Relief for UTIs
February 7, 2017, 8:00pm–9:00pm ET

If you're a woman, your chance of getting a urinary tract infection, or UTI, is high; some experts rank the lifetime risk of getting one as high as 50% for women. Once a woman has one UTI, her chances of getting another one are quite high. Homeopathy can help. In fact, the right remedy can be a miraculous treatment. It can quickly relieve the pain, frequency, urgency, and even bleeding within hours, sparing you an antibiotic, and—for those susceptible—a resulting yeast infection, which can further aggravate an already traumatized area! Join this free webinar to find out how to determine the best remedy for you using the “strange, rare, and peculiar symptoms” found using good acute case-taking methods!

About the presenter: Lisa Samet graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1998 and has been practicing in Montreal since then. As a licensed doctor of Naturopathy, she has chosen to focus on homeopathy because, in her experience, it is the deepest healing modality available. Dr. Samet is known for her role as a guest expert on homeopathy for the popular television program The Dr. Oz Show.

This webinar is FREE and open to anyone! REGISTER TODAY!

This webinar is a part of the "Homeopathy Academy for Moms" series. All webinars in this series are free and open to the public, so invite your friends! Visit to learn more about this and other webinars in the series or watch videos of past webinars.



Jane had just signed papers on a summer home on the ocean. Financially, the purchase was a stretch, but she and her husband were very happy. They drove home with the top down on their convertible in late afternoon. The weather changed and Jane felt herself getting chilled. After a celebratory dinner, they went to sleep early as both were exhausted from the day’s excitement. Around midnight, Jane woke in a cold sweat. Her skin was warm, and she felt like she was “coming down with something”—a bad cold or flu. Even worse, she felt panicky and kept telling her husband she was sure she would die before the mortgage was paid, leaving him with a high debt. Her husband guessed she was feverish because she kept babbling about dying. One quick dose of this remedy calmed Jane’s fever and fright so she could go back to sleep. She woke the next day feeling fine, and she and her husband laughed together about her "foolishness” in the night.

(The answer is at the bottom of the newsletter.)

If you have a “Case Quiz” to share, send it to us at We love to feature cases submitted by our community members!

Stories of Inspiration

In Florida where I live, fleas on pets are a huge problem. After reading the book Homoeopathy for Farm and Garden by Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj, I have started using homeopathic Ruta graveolens in all my dogs' water dishes. It has now been over five years, and it’s still working with great success. Thank you homeopathy!

- Anonymous, FL

We LOVE to hear how our members are using homeopathy at home and we hope you will share 'Your Homeopathy Story' with us! Everyone’s story is different and we want to know how you use homeopathy in your life! Learn how to share one of your stories with NCH.


Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC)

  • Register by Friday, March 17th – CHC will have two exam periods in 2017, starting with the spring exams in April. Registration for the April exams is now and will close on March 17. Exam dates are April 3–April 28, Monday through Friday (weekends excluded). Please review the Exam Handbook for further information on what is required to sit for the exam. If you have any questions, please  contact us by email or call us at (866) 242-3399.
  • There’s Still Time to Recertify – Thanks to all of you who have gone through the online process to maintain your CCH certification. If you missed the December and January recertification time lines, you can still recertify by February 28 (late fees apply). If you require assistance with the online recertification process, please email Corinne.

CHC’s mission is to advance the homeopathic profession by certifying individuals who meet and maintain a recognized standard of professional and ethical competence in classical homeopathy and to assist the general public in choosing appropriately qualified homeopaths.

Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB)

HWB-trained Homéopathes Communautaires and our medical partners in Haiti are continuing to work in communities devastated by Hurricane Matthew. They recently returned to areas we visited last fall, and then sent an appeal for “more homeopaths and more homeopathic medicines please–the need is great!” We have been gathering supplies and our team is heading to Haiti next week.  Field Reports will be posted on the  HWB website and Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter. Please visit our  Volunteer page to learn more about the opportunities that we offer and learn more about how to support our work.
HWB’s mission is to introduce or advance the understanding and use of homeopathy in areas where it does not yet exist or is minimally available, as well as to promote and provide homeopathic care and healing in emergency situations.

North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)

The NASH Board would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! And we wanted to let you know that our upcoming NASH News will have an article written by one of our Board members addressing how the conditions of love can be helped with homeopathy, from the recurring patterns that affect a person’s happiness and life to the acute suffering of heartbreak. It is fortunate that professional homeopaths have a way to help heal matters of love through a well-selected homeopathic remedy. If you would like to read this article and/or stay abreast of events impacting the profession of homeopathy, please email to sign up to receive NASH News by email.
The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) is dedicated to promoting, representing and serving as the voice of all professional homeopaths in North America. NASH aims to develop and uphold the highest level of excellence in homeopathic practice while enhancing the role of the homeopathic profession as an integral part of health care delivery.

Joining NCH as a member is a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of homeopathy and become an actively supporting part of the community. NCH members receive our highly acclaimed magazine, Homeopathy Today, and other valuable benefits. But more than that, your membership dues help us fulfill our mission to promote health through homeopathy, provide education about homeopathy to both practitioners and the general public, and raise awareness about homeopathy. Learn more here.

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The Best Homeopathic Networking Event in the US

JAHC in Atlanta, GA – Conference Home Page

Leap to Simillimum Parts I & II

Friday at the JAHC in Atlanta - How to Study Hahnemann's Materia Medica

Friday at the JAHC in Atlanta - We Are All Vitalists

Friday at the JAHC in Atlanta - Register

Who Regulates Your Product Labels?

Integrative Healthcare Symposium (IHS)

Homeopathy Reduces Severity of Dermatitis & Asthma

Homeopathic Medicines Slow Growth of MRSA, in vitro

Homeopathy Tackling Resistance to Antibiotics & More Video


Webinar – Natural Relief for UTIs

Learn how to share one of your stories with NCH

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