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Thank you to everyone that has already taken the time to participate in NCH’s Community Outreach Project Survey. Your feedback is VERY valuable and will help shape the future of NCH. If you haven’t already completed the survey – you have one last chance! The deadline to complete the survey has been extended through July 8. It will only take 15 minutes and everyone who participates can be entered into a drawing for a $125 gift card! Complete the survey now.

NCH Announcements

2017 JAHC Call for Proposals Closing Soon

The call for proposals for the 2017 Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) is still open, but if you want to throw your hat into the ring, act fast because proposals must be submitted online by July 5, 2016 (11:59pm ET). This call for proposals is open to anyone (multiple proposals may be submitted). Learn more about this opportunity and how to submit here.

Annual Conference Theme Announced

The 2017 JAHC Conference Committee is working to develop yet another exciting program of events. The official theme for the 2017 JAHC is Connecting Minds, Creating Community, Inspiring Practice. Next year’s conference will take place March 31 – April 2, 2017 at the Loews Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, GA. Mark your calendars now for this event…It’s going to be awesome!

Do What You Love and Help NCH, Too

Do you have a passion for social media? Do you enjoy giving back by volunteering for a charity? Then we have an opportunity for you! NCH is seeking volunteers to write content for our social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. We are always looking for ways to share the news of homeopathy online and welcome your fresh ideas. Let us know if you're interested here.


Meet the NCH Board of Directors
Each month we will highlight a Board Member to help you get better acquainted with the faces of NCH.

Edward has served on the National Center for Homeopathy board since 2008.

He is currently the Senior Director of Digital for Hyland's Inc., the leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicines in the United States. In his role at Hyland's, he provides leadership and direction on E-business, Digital Marketing, Direct to Consumer Marketing, internet application development and platform management.

"I became passionate about homeopathy in the early 1990's after launching a natural products catalog and homeopathic pharmacy. It was there that I personally witnessed the profound health impacts homeopathy had on sick individuals who were transformed by the work of dedicated homeopathic practitioners. I knew then I wanted to support this healing any way I could; I attended my first NCH conference in Chicago in the mid 1990's and the rest is history!"

Edward has a specialty MBA focusing on Technology and Ecommerce and Executive Education in Digital Marketing from Harvard Business School. He currently serves as President on the NCH Board of Directors.

External Use Remedy Tips
In this series we highlight the external uses of some common
homeopathic remedies.

Rhus Toxicodendron
(Common Name: Poison Ivy)

The primary guiding symptom of Rhus tox is aggravation from initial motion, but then becoming better from warming up after use or gentle exercise. Because of this you will often hear people refer to it as the "Rusty Gate” remedy. Here are a few common uses for homeopathic Rhus tox ointment:

  • Strains – Especially indicated after over-exertion or heavy lifting. Often used on neck, lower back, and legs.
  • Joint pain – For relief from rheumatism and arthritis rub into joints.
  • Sprains – As second stage after Arnica has reduced swelling. Particularly useful when ligaments are torn.

THE ORGANON by Samuel Hahnemann –  An Outline
Provided in tribute to Julian Winston, May 1941 – June 2005, beloved Editor-In-Chief of Homeopathy Today for 21 years.

It is often said that studying The Organon is fundamental for any successful homeopath. In this series we glean some Winston Wisdom by revisiting Julian’s outline of this masterpiece.

133-142: Conducting Provings (Continued):

  1. You must learn the exact character of the symptoms–the modalities are most important
  2. Not all symptoms will be seen in one person
  3. The whole picture of the remedy can be understood through a study of all the provings. The substance is thoroughly proved when no new symptoms are seen
  4. Although only certain people are susceptible to remedies when healthy, ALL people are susceptible to the simillimum when sick
  5. With mild doses in sensitive people, the primary effects can be observed. But excessively large doses will lead to a mixture of primary and secondary effects in "hurried confusion."
  6. All symptoms during a proving are symptoms of the medicine even though the prover may have experienced them before
  7. The prover must note all details and the physician should question the exact circumstances
  8. If the person can't write, he should talk to the physician every day
  9. The best provings are done by the physician upon himself. Experience shows that continued provings lead to robust health.
  10. In practice, judgment is always needed to separate the symptoms of the remedy from the symptoms of the malady

Note: The above is only an outline. To comprehend The Organon in its fullness, we recommend that you read the book.
The Organon is usually studied by the intermediate to advanced student of homeopathy.

NCH’s ED to Present at APHA Event

Our very own Alison Teitelbaum, NCH Executive Director, will be presenting a poster session entitled OTC Homeopathic Medicines: Consumer Use and Satisfaction at the American Public Health Association (APHA)'s 2016 Annual Meeting and Expo in Colorado this November. The presentation will include data gathered by NCH from our 2015 consumer satisfaction survey. The APHA conference brings together more than 12,000 people from across the US and around the world to network, educate, and share experiences. It is the world's largest public health conference and expo, and we are delighted that homeopathy with be a part of it. Read more about Alison’s upcoming presentation here.

HRI Malta 2017 Keynote Speakers Announced

The Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) announced the keynote speakers for the 3rd HRI International Homeopathy Research Conference which will be held June 9-11, 2017 in Malta. Presentations will include data on basic research, clinical research and provings from:

  • Dr. Stephan Baumgartner – Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Integrative Medicine, University of Witten-Herdecke, Germany
  • Prof. Michael Frass – Professor, Department of Medicine, Medical University of Vienna (MUW), Austria
  • Dr. Emma del Carmen Macias Cortés – Consultant Homeopathic Physician and Clinical Researcher, Juarez of Mexico Hospital and National Homeopathic Hospital, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Prof. Harald Walach – Professor for Research Methodology in Complementary Medicine, Viadrina European University Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Homeopathy: A Strategy for Weaning off SSRIs and Benzos
July 18, 2016, 8:00pm – 9:00pm ET

Estimates show that over 30 million people are taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications in the US. Many people hope to use them short-term to get through a rough patch, but then find it very hard to get off of them, especially after years of use.

In this webinar, Dr. Jennifer Bahr, ND will be discussing the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine as a tool for helping the body to heal and ease the transition off of antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications. She will also discuss the homeopathic treatment of both anxiety and depression in adults as a powerful alternative to SSRI of benzodiazepine use.

About the presenter: Dr. Jennifer Bahr is a licensed naturopathic doctor who specializes in the homeopathic treatment of mental health conditions.

This webinar is FREE and open to anyone! REGISTER TODAY!

This webinar is a part of the "Homeopathy Academy for Moms" series. All webinars in this series are free and open to the public
so invite your friends! Visit to learn more about this and other webinars in the series or watch videos of past webinars.



Your friend calls you asking for help with her sore throat and swollen tonsils. She reports that when looking with a flashlight that it appears red and shiny. Warm tea made it feel worse and she is craving cold milk. You hop in the car because she is whining and tearful. Once you reach her home you notice that she is sucking on an ice cube. She says that it hurts even when not swallowing. You ask her to describe the pain and she replies that it is dry with a burning, stinging pain and feels constricted. You take a look. The inner and outer throat is swollen and the uvula is also swollen. She suddenly exclaims “It’s feels weird like a fishbone is stuck in there”. What remedy do you give her?

(The answer is at the bottom of the newsletter.)

If you have a “Case Quiz” to share, send it to us at We love to feature cases submitted by our community members!

Stories of Inspiration

My daughter had frequent ear infections starting at 5 months old. Six years later after many rounds of antibiotics and two sets of tubes she had lost almost all of her hearing in the left ear and 40% of the hearing in the right ear. The doctors suggested another set of tubes, but instead I took her to a homeopath who suggested a remedy well known for middle ear infections and at her next annual visit her hearing was normal in both ears.  She is now 11 years-old and has not had any trouble since.

- Sheila Hennessy, Nashville TN

We LOVE to hear how our members are using homeopathy at home and we hope you will share 'Your Homeopathy Story' with us! Everyone’s story is different and we want to know how you use homeopathy in your life! Learn how to share one of your stories with NCH.


American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH)

The next AIH webinar will be presented by Roger Morrison, MD at 7pm Eastern Time on Thursday September 1, 2016. For more information, or to attend, please visit:
The AIH has been the voice of the homeopathic medical profession in the US. since 1844.

Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB)

Homeopaths Without Borders is pleased to announce that the Haitian American Nurses Association of Tampa, Florida recently recognized and extended its appreciation to HWB as a partner and collaborator in the effort to benefit Haitian healthcare. HWB, in turn, thanks its many supporters, both those who volunteer their time and those who contribute financially to HWB programs. It is our collective compassion responding in a tangible way when a patient is treated at a Haitian clinic or a student attends an HWB teaching seminar.
To learn more about Homeopaths Without Borders visit our website at

North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)

Our new website has been unveiled! And we at NASH want to share it with everyone! Join Anna Cox, CCH, RSHom(NA) on July 18, 2016 at 5pm(PT), 6pm(MT), 7pm(CT), 8pm(ET) as she discusses the newest upgrades that makes NASH even more friendly and accessible. There is no need to register, just call in at the appropriate time (712) 451-0011, use access code 236-398 when prompted.

NASH would also like to let you know of the advertising possibilities in our next journal. We now have a classified category appropriate for practitioners in addition to our regular ads. You can visit our website for details.
NASH is dedicated to promoting, representing, and serving as the voice of all professional homeopaths in North America. In addition to our Registered members, we offer membership at various levels – including Student, Associate and School.

Joining NCH as a member is a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of homeopathy and become an actively supporting part of the community. NCH members receive our highly-acclaimed magazine, Homeopathy Today, and other valuable benefits. But more than that, your membership dues help us fulfill our mission to promote health through homeopathy, provide education about homeopathy to both practitioners and the general public, and raise awareness about homeopathy. Learn more here.

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Webinar - Homeopathy: A Strategy for Weaning off SSRIs and Benzos

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