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NCH Comments on the NCCIH Strategic Plan

Over the past year, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) has been working to update its strategic plan. The new strategic plan will set the stage for NCCIH's research priorities over the next five years. To develop this plan, NCCIH has assessed developments in science, medicine, and health care, and requested input from varied stakeholders, including researchers, health professional organizations, the public, and NCCIH’s advisory council.

NCCIH recently posted a draft of this strategic plan and invited comments from key stakeholders, including NCH. View NCH’s submitted comments online here.

NCH Announcements

Oh, What a Time We Had!

Last month we wrapped up the 11th annual Joint American Homeopathic Conference (April 8–10, 2016) in Westminster, CO—a weekend filled with first-rate learning, networking, fellowship, awards, prizes, and FUN. We hosted nearly 300 homeopathic practitioners, students, and devoted users, along with some new comers that joined us for the second annual Homeopathy Academy for Moms Live! Workshop.

In between stellar sessions provided by world renowned homeopaths, attendees enjoyed browsing and shopping in the Exhibit Hall Marketplace—which featured many of the most prominent companies serving the homeopathic community today, as well as local artisans selling their handmade crafts.

We’d love to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere thanks to our conference sponsors: Hyland’s Homeopathic, Tx Options, and 1-800-HOMEOPATHY. You helped to make this inspiring event possible.

We can’t express how much we enjoyed spending time with familiar faces and meeting new ones as well. We hope to see each of you again next year!

Leave Your Legacy Through NCH

A planned gift to NCH may be made in memory of a loved one, to honor someone special, or in appreciation of the important work NCH has done on behalf of the homeopathic community. Planned gifts to NCH can be made through bequests, retirement assets, life insurance policies, or gifts of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Visit our website to learn more about how your legacy can live on through our work at NCH.

NCH Supports the National Pain Strategy

Through it's affiliation with the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium as a Partner in Health, NCH signed on to support the newly released National Pain Strategy (NPS), spearheaded by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Developed by a diverse team of experts from around the nation, the National Pain Strategy is a roadmap toward achieving a system of care in which all people receive appropriate, high quality and evidence-based care for pain. Learn more.



Another Amazing Issue of Homeopathy Today

The Spring 2016 issue of Homeopathy Today is here! Not a member of NCH? Here is what you’re missing in the latest edition:

  • Tying the Knot: Homeopathic Matchmaking?
    Overcoming the Fear of Commitment!
  • Dogs Grieve, Too
    Helping faithful friends heal from loss and illness—and get their wag back
  • A Sweet Solution for a Sugar Addict
    How homeopathy helped battle the bulge, curb cravings, and beat blood sugar blues
  • My "Ah-hah!" Moment
    A Fever Falls, A Mom's Life is Changed
  • The Princess Who Lost Her Castle—and Other Tales from the Land of Somatized Emotions
  • Ease Your Child's Earache
    Fast-acting Natural Remedies
  • Homeopathic Research Matters
    A Worldwide Momentum via UK Journal, Homeopathy, and Homeopathy Research Institute
  • New Hampshire Lawmakers Briefed on Homeopathy in Addiction

A subscription to Homeopathy Today is made available exclusively to current members. Joining NCH as a member is a wonderful way to deepen both your understanding of homeopathy and your connection to the community. In addition to this highly acclaimed magazine there are other valuable benefits. But more than that, membership dues help us fulfill our mission to promote health through homeopathy and raise awareness. Login and visit the online store to get your complimentary subscription started today!

Swiss Recognize Homeopathy as Legitimate Medicine

On March 29, 2016 the Swiss interior ministry announced its intention to elevate five complementary therapies, including homeopathy, to the same level as conventional medicine. This will enable reimbursement for treatment provided by medical doctors only, but is nonetheless viewed as a step forward for the recognition of homeopathy in general. Learn more.

What Is It Like to Be a Homeopath?

In celebration of World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2016 (April 10–16), the Homeopathy Course Providers Forum released a series of two-minute movies giving a glimpse into the lives of homeopaths today. These videos share what it is like to make a living as a homeopath, why they chose homeopathy, and how their clinical settings vary. Learn more about this project and watch the videos online here.

External Use Remedy Tips
In this series we highlight the external uses of some common homeopathic remedies.


Applying Calendula for cuts and abrasions is often one of the first steps for folks discovering homeopathy. Soon after that, they learn about Hypericum perforatum for crush injuries such as jamming fingers in a door or drawer. These two remedies are often combined and known as Hyper-Cal or HyperCal. The combined healing qualities of the two plants make it especially effective in soothing and healing wounds. Here are some great ways to make use of this healing combination:

  • Hyper-Cal lotion: Combine several drops of the mother tinctures in water to create a liquid preparation to be applied to wounds to cleanse and promote healing. Also great for minor burns and blisters where using salves is not desirable.
  • Hyper-Cal ointment: Use this wonderful salve for cuts. It creates a barrier on the surface of the skin to protect the skin from moisture and irritants.
  • Hyper-Cal gel: This formulation penetrates the skin quickly, allowing maximum absorption of the tincture.
  • Hyper-Cal mouth rinse: Hyper-Cal mouthwash will leave the mouth feeling comfortable and fresh after dental treatment. It is particularly indicated after dental surgery since Calendula has excellent healing properties and Hypericum has an affinity for healing nerves.

THE ORGANON by Samuel Hahnemann –  An Outline
Provided in tribute to Julian Winston, May 1941 – June 2005, beloved Editor-In-Chief of Homeopathy Today for 21 years.

It is often said that studying The Organon is fundamental for any successful homeopath. In this series we glean some Winston Wisdom by revisiting Julian’s outline of this masterpiece.

115-120: The effects of the remedies (continued):

  1.  Certain symptoms which are opposite are not secondary but, rather, alternating actions
  2.  Some symptoms are produced frequently, and others rarely or in few persons
  3.  The rarely produced symptoms are idiosyncrasies-- the substances produce seemingly
    no impression in others. But when used homoeopathically they can heal ALL individuals
  4.  Every medicine has a unique action
  5.  Each substance cannot be confused with another
  6.  Therefore, all medicines must be carefully distinguished from each other, so the physician
    can choose the correct remedy.

Note: The above is only an outline. To comprehend The Organon in its fullness, we recommend that you read the book.
The Organon is usually studied by the intermediate to advanced student of homeopathy.


India and U.S. Partner on Research

India and the United States will undertake collaborative research on traditional medicines to fight cancer, which could pave way for potential breakthroughs. The decision was made during a meeting at the first U.S.-India Workshop on Traditional Medicine in New Delhi, which took place March 3–4, 2016. Continue reading.

Study on the Risk of Aggravation in Homeopathy

In the world of homeo-speak, an aggravation is the temporary appearance of new symptoms, or a temporary intensification of existing symptoms, following a dose of a homeopathic remedy. A cross sectional study of Norwegian patients of homeopathy confirms the existence of homeopathic aggravation, determines that the risk is minor, and concludes that there is a need to classify the concept in a clinically meaningful way. Read the full abstract.

Homeopathy to the Rescue: Remedies for Life's Bumps and Bruises
May 5, 2016, 8:00pm – 9:00pm ET

Join us with Homeopathic Master Clinician, Allison Douglas-Tourner for Homeopathy to the Rescue: Remedies for Life's Bumps and Bruises:

This webinar will be an introduction to a handful of homeopathy's first aid heroes. Join in this FUN and experiential presentation (which will include drawings, stories, and visualizations) to learn about what remedies to have on hand or in your homeopathy kit to handle life’s bumps and bruises.

About the presenter: Allison Douglas-Tourner is a classical homeopath. She has been practicing in Victoria, BC, Canada for 18 years. She also loves to write and has published articles in several professional homeopathic journals. She is currently writing a book of homeopathic poetry.

This webinar is FREE and open to anyone! REGISTER TODAY!

This webinar is a part of the "Homeopathy Academy for Moms" series. All webinars in this series are free and open to the public so invite your friends! Visit to learn more about this andother webinars in the series or watch videos of past webinars.


Your first grader arrives home from school with a cold. It started with a runny nose, which turned into a dry cough, and now he says that his ears hurt. He isn’t himself. He wants to be held, is whiny and demanding. Even though he’s chilly, he insists that the window stays open. As the evening wears on, his symptoms worsen. Now his ears are better, but he feels warm to the touch. He looks thirsty and is licking his lips often, but says that he doesn’t want a drink. What remedy do you give him?

(The answer is at the bottom of the newsletter.)

If you have a “Case Quiz” to share, send it to us at We love to feature cases submitted by our community members!

Stories of Inspiration

After my mother developed Tardive Dyskinesia* as a side effect of a prescription drug, I decided to take her to a professional homeopath in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. After three weeks of taking Stramonium, all of my mother’s involuntary movements—mouth smacking and sticking out her tongue—stopped.

She is still on the neurologist's medicine, but the Stramonium just seems to compliment it and allows her a higher quality of life, free of the involuntary movements. What a miracle this was for her and for me too!

- Louise Poirier Benoit of Sudbury, ON, Canada

* Tardive Dyskinesia is involuntary movements of the tongue, lips, face, trunk, and extremities that occur in patients treated with long-term dopaminergic antagonist medications.

We LOVE to hear how our members are using homeopathy at home and we hope you will share 'Your Homeopathy Story' with us! Everyone’s story is different and we want to know how you use homeopathy in your life! Learn how to share one of your stories with NCH.


American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH)

Lauren Fox, FNP, CCH will present a live webinar update from Homeopaths Without Borders at 7 PM Eastern time on Thursday, June 2, 2016. For more information, or to attend, please visit

The AIH has been the voice of the homeopathic medical profession in the U.S. since 1844.

Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB)

The success of homeopathy in Haiti continues!  As a result of HWB's mentoring and continuing education, the Haitians themselves now have a better vision of the power of homeopathy and are trying to organize more clinics and seek additional training.  In support of these efforts, executive director Holly Manoogian's upcoming May visit to the country will focus on follow-up discussions with various Haitian partner organizations and enrollment for fall courses. Learn more at: and

North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)

NASH is dedicated to promoting, representing, and serving as the voice of all professional homeopaths in North America. In addition to our Registered members, we offer membership at various levels – including Student, Associate and School. Our May Telecast concerning Health Freedom will be available for anyone to call into or to listen to from our website. Here are the details:

Homeopaths and the Legal Right to Practice
Did you know that in most states, homeopaths can be prosecuted, fined, and barred from practicing based on charges of practicing medicine without a license? National Health Freedom Action (NHFA) and National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC) are working to change that. NHFA is helping state groups to introduce and pass safe harbor legislation. Safe harbor bills give protection to homeopaths and other practitioners, and they ensure that consumers of natural health care can have access to the practitioners that they choose. NHFC hosts the yearly US Health Freedom Congress, which brings together leaders of health freedom organizations to promote greater collaboration in the health freedom movement.
Join us on Monday, May 16, 2016 for an hour long telecast starting at 5pm (PT), 6pm (MT), 7pm (CT), 8pm (ET) to learn more about these organizations. There is no need to register, just call in at the appropriate time - (563) 999-2090, use access code 993-499 when prompted.

Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC)

Would you like to be a part of the CHC team?  We are currently seeking volunteers, both professional homeopaths and public members, for our Board of Directors.  We are looking for broad-thinking individuals with various skill sets.  Leadership, organizational experience, financial background, and/or good writing skills are always valued.
If you are interested in serving on our Board, we would love to hear from you! Please contact the CHC at to learn more.
Have you liked us on Facebook?  Check out our new page! You’ll be sure to find the information you’re looking for including the benefits of certification and things you need to know to become a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH). See you there!

Joining NCH as a member is a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of homeopathy and become an actively supporting part of the community. NCH members receive our highly-acclaimed magazine, Homeopathy Today, and other valuable benefits. But more than that, your membership dues help us fulfill our mission to promote health through homeopathy, provide education about homeopathy to both practitioners and the general public, and raise awareness about homeopathy. Learn more here.

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Swiss Recognize Homeopathy as Legitimate Medicine

What Is It Like to Be a Homeopath?

India and U.S. Partner on Research

Study on the Risk of Aggravation in Homeopathy

Homeopathy to the Rescue: Remedies for Life's Bumps and Bruises

Homeopaths Without Borders

Solve the Case Answer: Pulsatilla

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