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2016 JAHC Sponsorship and Exhibiting Opportunities

Conference planning is in full swing! The 11th annual Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC), (Ascending to New Heights: Reaching the Summit with Homeopathy), April 8-10, 2016 will be a 3-day weekend of learning, networking, and inspiration. This special event – the largest gathering of the homeopathic community in the US – will take place in beautiful Westminster, Colorado (just outside of Denver) at the Westin Westminster, perched among the majestic Rocky Mountains. Registration is scheduled to open in November.

Sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities are available now. Showcase your business to an audience of 325+ practitioners, patients and clients, students, and general consumers. View our prospectus for a full list of opportunities available online here.

Bequests and Estate Plan Gifts

Did you know that you can make a bequest to NCH by including language in your will or living trust leaving a portion of your estate to NCH, or by designating NCH as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy? Remembering NCH with a bequest from your estate will help sustain and strengthen the organization in years to come. For further details and suggested language visit our Planned Giving page.

NCH Announcements

We’re Growing Like Crazy!

We recently announced the release of our 2014 Annual Report and it is posted online as an open-to-the public document, providing an overview of our work and accomplishments in the year 2014 – which, as you may know, was a year of tremendous growth for NCH – and celebration of our 40th anniversary! It also serves as another ‘thank you’ to our 2014 donors – without whom we wouldn’t be able to continue raising awareness and educating the public and practitioners about homeopathy. If you haven’t already, check it out here.

FDA Re-Opens Commenting Period

The FDA has re-opened the commenting period in order to allow interested parties additional time to submit their comments. If you missed the last two opportunities to submit your own positive comments on how much you appreciate easy access to over-the-counter homeopathic medicines in your life, then now is your chance. We encourage everyone who uses homeopathic products to take five minutes to submit your comments to the FDA about how much you love homeopathy, how you are able to make informed decisions about purchasing homeopathic products vs traditional OTC medications, and that you want to find the right medicine for your symptoms in the appropriate area of the store. We’ve provided detailed guidance on the topic, and a free webinar with CE Credit available, all on our website!

FTC Workshop Update

To better help consumers make informed choices, the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) proposed strengthening product label and advertising disclosures to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at the agency’s “Homeopathic Medicine & Advertising” workshop on September 21, 2015 in Washington, DC.

NCH Board Member Tina Quirk was in attendance at the workshop. NCH will remain in close contact with the AAHP and work to develop guidelines on how you can help during the FTC Public Commenting period which will remain open until November 20, 2015. The workshop was recorded and can be viewed online here.

Stay tuned for more information. Read AAHP’s full post-event news release online here.

Calendar of Events

Do you know of an upcoming conference, event or seminar that isn’t posted in our Calendar of Events? Let us know! Directions on when, what, and how to submit an event to be included for FREE can be found here.


New Issue of Homeopathy Today

The Autumn 2015 issue of Homeopathy Today is here and will soon be reaching member mail boxes! Not a member of NCH? Here is what you’re missing in the
latest edition:

  • Homeopathy Happy: School Kids Bounce Back from
    the Brink
  • Emotional First Aid: Stay Strong, Serene, and Centered
  • Healthy Women, Back in Balance
  • A Tale of Horses, Zebras, and Compost Buckets … and Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
  • Growing Pains in Children: 5 Remedies for Relief
  • Wicked Beauty, Healing Power of Ancient Plant Remedy
  • Simple Plant Saves Many Women From Misery
  • And more!

A subscription to Homeopathy Today is made available exclusively to current members. Joining NCH as a member is a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of homeopathy and connection to the community. In addition to this highly acclaimed magazine there are other valuable benefits. But more than that, membership dues help us fulfill our mission to promote health through homeopathy and raise awareness. Login and visit the online store to get your complimentary subscription started today!

All Aboard the Hahnemann Train!

Monuments have been erected in his honor, streets have been named after him, he is featured on stamps, and now the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, is being recognized in the form of a moving tribute – a train! On August 27, 2015 a train was baptized in the name of Samuel Hahnemann at the modern train station in Köthen (Anhalt) Germany.

Köthen has become the destination for many homeopaths as they set out for a historical voyage that is rich in homeopathy. It has gained popularity because Dr. Hahnemann lived, practiced and contributed his best works there. It is from Köthen that his teachings went out to the world and enrich all of our lives today. It is the home of the restored Hahnemann House, the German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians, European Library for Homeopathy, and more.

The German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians cordially welcomed attendees in Köthen, Germany for the train’s ribbon cutting ceremony, and paid tribute to the merits of Samuel Hahnemann in their speeches.

Continuing Education Reminders

On-Demand Continuing Education - We recently announced the launch of our new on-demand continuing education platform. Our first series of on-demand courses is tailored to introduce homeopathy to practicing healthcare providers. Nurses can earn 2 Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) credits for the bargain price of only $30!

All practicing healthcare providers (not just nurses!) are welcome and encouraged to participate in this series to learn how to incorporate homeopathy into their existing practices.

Log in today to take the first course in the series.
This course is being jointly sponsored by NCH and the Homeopathic Nurses Association

Free Contact Hours for Reading Homeopathy Today – Attention nurses! This is a reminder that you can earn FREE CE credits by reading Homeopathy Today magazine. The Autumn 2015 issue features the second in a series of articles by family nurse practitioner Lia Bello, RN, FNP, CCH, offering continuing education contact hours for nurses. This is a great way for nurses to earn CE credits, and learn homeopathy at the same time! And, did we mention that the credits are free, if the required post-test and evaluation are completed within one year? The Autumn 2015 article, “Emotional First Aid: Stay Strong, Serene, and Centered” provides 1 contact hour.
A special thanks to the Mirus Foundation and Lia Bello for working to provide this excellent opportunity to nurses.

CoverMyCare Updates

In October, 2014 the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) announced the launch of its first initiative in consumer health information, a public education and advocacy program, CoverMyCare (CMC), designed to create grass-roots support for the full implementation of Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), "Non-discrimination in healthcare." Highlights from the past year include:

  • Oregon becomes the first state to replicate the language and intent of Section 2706 of the ACA in a state bill, signed by the governor.
  • Oregon made history again by becoming the first state to see a lawsuit brought against insurers based on Section 2706.
  • Rhode Island became the second state to pass and sign legislation replicating Section 2706.
  • The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) launched a campaign page focusing on the benefits of greater access to integrative care for businesses.

Learn more about their progress and activities online here.

THE ORGANON by Samuel Hahnemann –  An Outline
Provided in tribute to Julian Winston, May 1941 – June 2005, beloved Editor-In-Chief of Homeopathy Today for 21 years.

It is often said that studying The Organon is fundamental for any successful homeopath. In this series we glean some Winston Wisdom by revisiting Julian’s outline of this masterpiece.

Paragraphs 63-69 Lays out the philosophy of the system (continued)

  1. The primary action of the medicine and the secondary reaction of the vital force or counter reaction.
  2. Explanation of primary and secondary reactions.
  3. Examples of primary and secondary effects as stated in paragraph 64.
  4. In a healthy body, one does not notice the secondary reaction to homoeopathic doses, but the primary action of some of these remedies is perceptible to a good observer.
  5. These truths explain why homoeopathy is good. [long footnote condemning those of the "mongrel sect" who claim to be homoeopaths but use palliation to avoid looking for the correct remedy] *.
  6. In homoeopathy, experience shows that a small dose of medicine will extinguish the natural disease.
  7. Exactly the opposite happens in anti-pathic treatment. The disease becomes worse when the palliation wears off.

*Indicates a footnote well worth reading.

Note: The above is only an outline. To comprehend The Organon in its fullness, we recommend that you read the book.
The Organon is usually studied by the intermediate to advanced student of homeopathy.


The NCH Webinar archive is packed with practical education. If you’re a current NCH member interested in improving your skills, or growing your business, then check out our Improving Professional Practice recorded webinars to include:

  • Do You Want to Improve Your Practice Success?
  • Learn the Key to Improving Patient Outcomes
  • Learning to Practice Homeopathy Effectively Without Extensive Memorization, Frustration, Confusion, or Pain
  • Becoming an Objective Observer: The Homeopath’s Golden Key
  • Marketing Your Homeopathic Business
  • And more!

It’s all there, FREE for members and just waiting for you to watch, pause, and restart at your own convenience. Simply login and under Member Quick Links choose Webinar Archive.


After providing a double dose last month - two brilliant webinars that educated hundreds – we are taking a break in October. But our much awaited November webinar is just around the corner and registration is open!

Homeopathy Basics for the Age Gifted
November 17, 2015, 8:00pm – 9:00pm ET

Join us with classical homeopath, Kathleen Slonager, as she discusses homeopathy use for the older population. Homeopathy is an effective scientific system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It recognizes that all symptoms of ill health or imbalances are expressions of disharmony within the whole person. Homeopathy offers gentle and safe help for the entire family.

The basic use of Homeopathy is easy to learn and is also very inexpensive.  During this workshop, you will learn homeopathy basics and philosophy, as well as why this 200 year old system of medicine is safe, non-toxic, and free of side effects. We’ll discuss:

  • First Aid
  • Colds & Flu
  • Sleep
  • Pain & Stiffness
  • And more!

Ms. Slonager is a well-known homeopath, as well as the President of the Homeopathic Nurses Association. She has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry as a healthcare administrator and leader. She is a Registered Nurse, Certified Asthma Educator, and Certified Classical Homeopath. Kathleen is a passionate about health and wellness issues, and hopes to light a spark in others.

This webinar is free and open to anyone! REGISTER TODAY!

This webinar is a part of the "Homeopathy Academy for Moms" series, sponsored by Hyland’s & 1-800Homeopathy. All webinars in this series are free and open to the public so invite your friends! Visit to learn more about this and other webinars in the series or watch videos of past webinars.


Test your repertory knowledge!

Find one or more rubrics in the repertory that match each of the following symptoms:

A.    He gets angry when people disagree with him.
B.    I walk in my sleep.
C.    I get obsessed with one thing and can't let it go.
D.    I completely lose my balance and fall after drinking too much wine—I tend to binge drink.
E.     The area around the eye was badly bruised after her accident.
F.     The eardrum ruptured and there is a foul smelling, greenish fluid draining from the ear.

(The answer is at the bottom of the newsletter.)

Note: Answers are based on Kent's Repertory but apply equally to the Synthesis or Complete repertories. The answers are not comprehensive; you may be able to find other rubrics that are equally applicable!

A special thanks to Karen B. Allen, CCH for providing the REPERTORY QUIZ to Homeopathy Today magazine in 2003.

Your friend’s newborn is rather fussy. He cries when he's not being held by mom or dad, and when left alone. He is colicky and gassy in the evenings, usually between 4-8pm, and although he nurses in the night, he wakes up hungry and cranky. When she calls you to ask what remedy would you think of first what do you tell her?

(The answer is at the bottom of the newsletter.)

If you have a “Case Quiz” to share, send it to us at We love to feature cases submitted by our community members!

Stories of Inspiration

I began using homeopathy when my son was 3 month old. His father is hearing impaired due to repeated ear infections as a child, and I was looking to prevent this for our son.  I took him to a homeopathic practitioner who successfully treated him constitutionally. He also offered classes to teach the ongoing use of homeopathy. I was able to prevent any further ear infections, as well as successfully treat croup, colds, flu, plantar warts, and a case of shingles during his childhood. What a gift!

- Kathryn Vennes Grev of Maple Grove , MN

We LOVE to hear how our members are using homeopathy at home and we hope you will share 'Your Homeopathy Story' with us! Everyone’s story is different and we want to know how you use homeopathy in your life! Learn how to share one of your stories with NCH.


Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education (ACHENA)

ACHENA is seeking comments from all segments of the homeopathic community and the public at large regarding the role of distance education in the preparation of professional homeopaths. The two overarching questions about which ACHENA is seeking community input are as follows:

  1. Should ACHENA accreditation standards be revised such that schools offering distance learning only programs to train professional homeopaths would be eligible to achieve accreditation?
  2. If ACHENA were to revise its standards to allow schools offering distance learning only to achieve accreditation, what additional guidance beyond ACHENA’s current standards regarding distance learning, should be included in the standards?

To submit a comment: Prior to submitting your comment, please review the full announcement and current ACHENA distance education standards which are posted on the ACHENA website at Comments should be sent electronically to ACHENA at the following email address:

Community Discussion: ACHENA will host a public discussion of this topic via teleconference. Schools and individuals are invited to offer testimony for consideration and there will be time for discussion. If you would like to offer formal testimony on this topic please contact ACHENA at   
Date: Tuesday, October 6th at 7pm east coast time. Call-in information: 605-475-6150 access #142-2391.

The public comment period will be open for a period 45 days.  All comments must be received by ACHENA at the designated email address prior to midnight Pacific Time, November 7, 2015.

For more information, and to view the complete announcement of call for public comments, please visit ACHENA’s website here.

American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH)

The AIH recently held a webinar lead by Joel Shepperd, MD on The Organon of Medicine.

Since 1844, AIH has been the voice of the homeopathic medical profession. For further information see our website.

Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy (3CH)

Please help 3CH fight for homeopathy and for healthcare freedom! In a surprise announcement on July 31, Minister of Health, Rona Ambrose stated that, as of July 2016, Health Canada (HC) not only will require stiffer “not-a-vaccine” labeling on nosodes, but will “no longer approve specific health claims on homeopathic products for cough, cold, and flu for children 12 and under, unless those claims are supported by scientific evidence.” Basically it forbids homeopathic manufacturers to say on the packaging of cold, cough and flu medicines what they are for. (The claimed pretext: "to ensure that Canadian parents... have the information they need to make informed health choices." Uh... right.) If parents don't know what products to buy, they won't buy them. And if it ceases to be economically feasible to sell them, the manufacturers will quit making them. Read more on this and how you can help here.


Hpathy is inviting NCH community members to submit homeopathy cases and articles to be considered for publication in its online journal Homeopathy 4 Everyone. This is a great opportunity for the NCH community members to share their work with a broader audience.

Anyone interested may contact Alan Schmukler by email at If you have not published before, guidance from Alan is also available upon request.

Learn more about Homeopathy 4 Everyone online here.

North American Society of Homeopathy (NASH)

NASH is dedicated to promoting, representing, and serving as the voice of all professional homeopaths in North America. In addition to our Registered members, we offer membership at various levels – including Student, Associate and School. School members have student representatives in our Student Liaison Program which unites homeopathic students across the country to discuss with NASH upcoming concerns for our profession. All students, including students currently enrolled in our School members’ programs are eligible for NASH scholarships.

This year, our School members have introduced their various programs via our Telecasts and have shared their educational opportunities. Taped telecasts are available to the public here.

Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB)

Flu Season has arrived in Haiti! HWB-trained Homéopathes Communautaires have been inundated with cases of fast-onset high fevers worse from motion, with headache, heavy perspiration at night, and cold hands.  In another part of Haiti, the local HCs report high fevers with headaches that go into loose coughs, worse from heat. Thanks to their training, their homeopathic kits, and our continued mentoring, the HCs are able to respond quickly to help their neighbors. Please visit our website for further details as this flu season evolves.




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Homeopathic Nurses Association

Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC)

CoverMyCare (CMC)

The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) Campaign page

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Webinar: Homeopathy Basics for the Age Gifted

Learn how to share one of your stories with NCH

Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy

ACHENA’s Commenting Period Information

American Institute of Homeopathy website

HPathy’s Homeopathy 4 Everyone

NASH Taped Telecasts

Homeopaths Without Borders website


Repertory Quiz Answer: A. Mind, Anger, contradiction from; B. Mind, Somnambulism; Mind, Unconsciousness, conduct, automatic; C. Mind, Monomania; Mind, Thoughts, persistent; D. Vertigo, Wine, after; Vertigo, Fall, tendency to; Mind, Dipsomania; Generalities, Reveling, night, from; E. Eye, Injuries, from; Face, Discoloration, bluish;Generalities, Injuries; F. Ear, Discharge, offensive; Ear, Discharge, fetid; Ear, Discharge, purulent
Solve the Case Answer: Lycopodium

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