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NCH is currently involved in activities aimed at increasing access to homeopathy throughout the country at the national level.

NCH does not have the resources to actively track similar activities or legislation at the state level; however, we are happy to share these kinds of state-level activities with the homeopathic community. Send us an email at with the information to be shared.

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FDA & FTC Activities and Updates

Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium

Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus Focuses on Putting Health back in Healthcare

The Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) represents the national policy and legislative interests of the nation's complementary and integrative healthcare professions before the Congress and Federal agencies. NCH is an active Partner for Health in IHPC, with a representative sitting on the Board of Directors.

As a Partner for Health, NCH supports education and awareness efforts in Congress about integrative health, and homeopathy in particular. Learn more about IHPC.

Current Activities

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed in 2010, IHPC has been focused on ensuring compliance with provisions of the law that support complementary and integrative health providers. The most important of these is Section 2706, "Non-discrimination in healthcare," which forbids insurers from excluding state-licensed providers from their policies. This includes the complementary and integrative providers represented by IHPC who work closely with the nation's homeopathy professionals.

In 2014, IHPC initiated two important projects that are advancing the goal of ending discrimination against providers. – a national consumer advocacy campaign designed to make sure that state regulators follow the law and direct their insurance companies to end discrimination.  Proper implementation will expand public access to these therapies and of course the professionals who deliver them.     

Integrative Health and Medicine: Today’s Answer to Affordable Healthcare -- Health Creation Economics. This important information resource compiles research data showing the financial benefits of integrating complementary and integrative care throughout the American care system. This guide will help policy makers, insurers, regulators, employers and the public understand the benefits that can come with wider, more equitable access to integrative care.

Legislative Updates

More about IHPC

IHPC's organizational members – its "Partners for Health" -- represent individual professional providers in the integrative disciplines who practice all across America, as well as several of the nation's primary educational institutions in the fields. NCH is an active Partner for Health and is represented on the IHPC Board of Directors.

IHPC supports NCH and other members through education and awareness programs for the Congress about the rapid evolution of integrative health, including homeopathy, as consumer and patient preferences begin to define the transition of American healthcare. IHPC meets with and educates Congressional representatives in various forums, including its annual briefings on Capitol Hill for both the House and Senate.

IHPC advocates for an integrative healthcare system with equal access to the full range of health-oriented, person-centered, regulated healthcare professionals,

Learn more about IHPC.